though the high tourist season is over here in ladakh, the months of september and october are considered the  two best months for hardcore  trekkers and for photographers. also climbers will profit of a beautiful time ascending to peaks in ladakh.

so far this year we have successfully executed  many treks in the mountains of ladakh, we also organized buddhist pilgrimage/cultural, jeep, motor bike and mountain biking tours in the past 4 months. our clients have been from france, switzerland, belgium, austria, UK, the netherlands, italy, USA, australia, canada, russia and turkey.

our notable treks of the past four months are newly extended sham trek of 10 days in ladakh  mountain range starting from leh to tingmosgang. the second notable trek was from patsathang in nubra valley to domkhar, lower ladakh, for 9 days.

we are in the process to look for new trekking routes in different parts of ladakh, due to some trekking areas being under construction (building of jeep roads).